New Energy Industry

Zhuji West City Roshow New Energy Production Base

The company produces three phase permanent magnet synchronous motor with water-cooling structure. Compared with other drive motor, PMSM has the features of small volume, light weight, low rotary inertia, fast influences speed, large density of power-torque, strong overload capacity and system efficiency, which is the current mainstream configuration of electric car drivers. Small power drive motors with 18KW~60KW are widely used in passenger car and Minivan logistics car, whose major customers are Brilliance Auto, Chery New Energy and Taihang Auto.

Vortex Compressor New Energy Drive Motor

Shuntong New Energy Auto Service Co.,Ltd

After found, New Energy Company will build new energy auto operation platform to provide sales and leasing, vehicles choice, charging scheme design and after-sales maintenance. The company will seize the opportunity of market development to accelerate the strategic layout of new energy vehicles, effectively using industrial policy to drive the development of related industries of new energy vehicles to reduce operation cost and cultivate new growth areas.